Introducing CWM Certificate.

Your way to the top with a first-class education in private banking

CWM in Brief

The Certified Wealth Manager (CWM®) is an internationally recognised education programme which covers the necessary core competencies required by client advisors, in particular wealth management and financial instruments.

What makes the CWM so unique?

The CWM training program will allow candidates to:

  • define key factors for identifying the customer’s situation and his/her needs
  • define an investment strategy based on the client’s individual needs
  • understand the core principles of portfolio management / construction
  • describe the main steps of the investment process and evaluate portfolio return
  • explain the principle features of the financial instruments and their use in the investment process
  • explain the main characteristics of the different types of risks of financial instruments
  • understand general principals of taxation of financial instruments


Who should study for the CWM?

The Certified Wealth Manager CWM® program is aimed at financial, legal and other professionals who already work in the wealth management industry.

CWM is tailor-made for

  • Customer advisors
  • Investment advisors
  • Financial planners
  • Wealth managers, etc.

Learning materials

The learning materials are written in English and have both practical and theoretical sections. Carefully designed to accompany the course, they guarantee you the best possible learning support.